Report of Official Visit by the District Deputy Grand Master

After you fill out this DDGM report form, it will be emailed to you as an attached PDF document, which you can then forward to the Worshipful Master and to Grand Lodge.

Below is a sample DDGM report that gets emailed to you. The bold text is what gets populated automatically for you when you fill out the online form.

Provide Advance Copies of the Report Forms:

The Lodge Report should be completed by the Secretary in consultation with the Worshipful Master prior to the Official Visit so that it can be presented to the D.D.G.M. and discussed at the time of his visit. 

The Lodges should be encouraged to return the form to the D.D.G.M. well before the visit, since the D.D.G.M. should have sufficient time to reflect on the Lodge Report prior to his Official Visit. The questions in this report are intended to focus attention and stimulate discussion on the areas that are of particular importance to the health and well being of the Lodge.

The D.D.G.M. report form may also be provided to the Lodges in advance of the visit so that they will have a better understanding of what will you will be asking about and reporting. 

To print or download the paper version of this report, CLICK HERE.

After the paper version has been filled out, you need to return to this website and transfer the information gathered on the paper version to this online form.