This is a private pages, used to track projects

Old https://grandlodgeofvirginia.org/ WordPress website on GoDaddy.com http://grandlodgeofvirginia.net/glova_wp/

DDGM reports sheet

https://deo.vamasons.org https://sites.google.com/vamasons.org/deo/ (Andy's account in Drive new Google sites)

https://members.grandlodgeofvirginia.org | https://members.glova.org (new secretary's portal, on GL in house server was https://members.glovaportal.org

http://mahova.vamasons.org (Masonic Home ambassadors, on Google Sites)

http://pr.vamasons.org (Public Relations Committee, on Google Sites vamasons.org) change URL from pressrelease to PR

http://policy.grandlodgeofvirginia.org changed in 2017 http://itpolicy.grandlodgeofvirginia.org (IT Policy, on Google Sites grandlodgeofvirginia.org)

http://dlc.vamasons.org/ Annual DLC Survey

http://backgroundcheck.grandlodgeofvirginia.org Request background Check


New membership inquiry (prospective member Lodge locator, notify the secretary, on AJ's server)

https://secretary.grandlodgeofvirginia.org/frmLogin.asp (Server in GL office, ASP and Access databases on DocSend Server)

http://shop.grandlodgeofvirginia.org (GL online shopping cart, with GoDaddy)

http://degrees.vamasons.org (12-03-17 list Degrees, Lectures, on the new Google Sites, in Google Drive)

https://courses.vamasons.org 2012 Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses.

https://rjsacademy.org ( Reid James Simmons Academy Mike King)

Below is not used any longer

https://sites.google.com/a/vamasons.org/it-task-force (old not used)

http://grandlodgeofvirginia.tictail.com (old not used)

http://glovaportal.org/forms/quarterly-district-blood-program-report (right now only blood committee, on AJ's server)

http://payments.vamasons.org (Online payments for the Reid James Simmons Academy, and others. On Google sites, vamasons.org) Aug 2018, removed because it was not being used.

Library Museum website http://library-museum.grandlodgeofvirginia.org https://grandlodgeofvirginia.net/library-museum/ started (01-04-016) 2022-08-16 deleted