Virtual Division Leadership Conference (vDLC)

The Grand Lodge of Virginia Committee on Masonic Education is proud to present the first-ever Virtual Division Leadership Conference (vDLC). The vDLC is an opportunity for the brethren of the Grand Lodge of Virginia and others to hear from the leadership of the Craft in the commonwealth.

My brother, on behalf of the Committee on Masonic Education, we are proud to present to you the first ever Virtual Division Leadership Conference (vDLC). We are all aware of the limitations placed on us by current circumstances; however, we never stop being Freemasons! Your Grand Lodge Officers continue to work for the betterment of the craft, and we are excited to premier this vDLC to continue the momentum stabled in the face-to-face meetings that took place before the move to stay safe at home. It is our privilege to serve you, and I pray you find this leadership conference beneficial to your training as a Masonic leader. While I cannot replace the joy and fellowship of a traditional DLC, I hope this brings Freemasonry a little closer to home during these times.

In the coming weeks, I will be following up with a link to a short survey about the video. If you can, please provide your email address or contact me at for more information. I continue to ask the Great Architect for your safety and a continued blessing of health on all of our family.

In warmest fraternal regards,

Jonathan A. Giles, MPS, FGCR

Grand Provost

Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia

Please reference the following points int he video:

1 - 00:00:00 - Welcome

2 - 00:00:16 -

3 - 00:02:25 - Grand Provost's Welcome

4 - 00:03:30 - Grand Junior Deacon's Comments

5 - 00:11:37 - Grand Senior Deacon's Comments

6 - 00:13:27 - Grand Secretary's Comments

7 - 00:19:53 - "Even Better"

8 - 00:20:50 - Grand Junior Warden's Comments

9 - 00:24:27 - Grand Senior Warden's Comments

10 - 00:31:58 - Deputy Grand Master's Comments

11 - 00:35:44 - vDLC Panel Discussion

12 - 01:12:48 - "Nice Guys"

13 - 01:13:45 - Grand Master's Address

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